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We are a capital markets research and analytics company and provide the following services

  • Historic Data Analysis
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) for listed companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE)
  • Trend Following Strategies (T4) for mutual funds
  • Pricing and Valuing of Derivatives, especially swaps

Please contact us at office@rightlink.eu for any requests or follow one of the links below.

20.06.2024 06:00
Relaxing fiscal rules unlikely to provoke a Liz Truss-style gilts crisis, according to fund managers
20.06.2024 06:00
‘Dividend recapitalisations’ hit record rate as private equity owners take advantage of easy credit conditions
20.06.2024 06:00
Institution says the funds have been pushing up valuations in local stock market
20.06.2024 06:00
Public and private markets are seeing big changes that provide new options for investors
20.06.2024 02:07
20.06.2024 01:01
Data highlight slow transition to clean energy despite big increase in renewables generation
19.06.2024 19:30
Buyout group’s pullout followed fractious talks with advisers
19.06.2024 18:34
Employees of Wall Street bank’s British operations will now be able to earn up to 10-times base salary