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We are a capital markets research and analytics company and provide the following services

  • Historic Data Analysis
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) for listed companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE)
  • Trend Following Strategies (T4) for mutual funds
  • Pricing and Valuing of Derivatives, especially swaps

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21.07.2024 06:00
A listing in early 2025 would be a boon to London’s otherwise lacklustre capital markets
21.07.2024 06:00
Short-term contracts leave Baku unable to raise investment needed to meet demand from bloc, says Azeri envoy
21.07.2024 06:00
Executives see increasing signs of a shift to direct deals with cable manufacturers, car companies and other big buyers
21.07.2024 06:00
Move to prop up peso triggers nerves over government’s ability to stick to long-term strategy
20.07.2024 23:32
Treasury launches review of Britain’s pensions system with threat to force local governments to co-operate
20.07.2024 13:00
Hedge funds and investors lured by high interest rates, but flows could leave country vulnerable to a shift in sentiment
20.07.2024 06:00
New technology should incorporate some element of the human touch to be trusted
20.07.2024 06:00
Industry warns on pensions bill’s missed opportunity on minimum contributions